Cosmic Cyber Goddess #2

On to Forums

After I got bored with computer "chat rooms", I started trying to find out about forums.

Forums are like little clubs. Different online services call them different things, I guess. Each little club has it's own subject. There are gobs and gobs of them! Everything from Art to Zymurgy. Each forum has its own set of message boards. Each section having a subtopic of the general subject of the forum. Each section also has a library. Libraries are cool. There's so much in them. Articles, pictures, lots and lots of information about the subjects.

This is where I first started getting into trouble. My connect time started adding up when I got into libraries.

Then I discovered the forum conferences. This is where members meet in a "room", in real time, and chat about whatever they're supposed to be chatting about at that time. Conferences are a lot of fun, I think. If they get too big, "formal" rules apply, which means there is a moderator and one has to be called on to speak. I've been to a conference with over 260 people in the "room". Just try to get a word in edgewise there, without moderation.

I've been able to talk to some pretty cool people in conferences. Linda Moulton Howe, Stan Friedman, Whitley Strieber, Dr. Bruce Macabee, Loyd Auerbach, Karen Hall and others I think are great. It's almost as good as getting through to Art Bell. (S)

As my interests in the forums expanded, and I started getting to know some of the other members, I spent more time online. It was nice to have contact with other people, being a stay at home mom. I finally decided that I had to figure out a way to support my habit. That's when I thought about becoming a section leader. I didn't know how it worked exactly, but I figured section leaders at least got a discount for working in the forum. So....I thought about it and then decided, what the heck? Give it a shot.

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