Cosmic Cyber Goddess #4

A stuffed In-Box.

I didn't really have a problem with having a stuffed In-Box, when I was just hanging out in the forums. The messages I would receive were mostly in the forums themselves. I usually only got "junk" email. I would get a few everyday. Sometimes, if I was in and out a lot, threads would grow pretty quickly. Especially, it seemed, the silly ones. Folks that have alternate egos, can really get going on those kind of threads. I have a whole collection of cyber cat toys; with and without bells, catnip, hair ball deflector, large rope, a shovel, glitter, and water, from antics with one of my best cyber-friends, who likes to be a sleek black cat of the jungle.

I could handle the volume of messages back then pretty easy. Until, I discovered email lists. Me, and my In-Box, were doomed. It's real easy to get on too many lists. The volume of incoming can really be disruptive. I've had to go on list diets before, I probably need to do that now. (S)

A Cyber Goddess, as does anyone, has to be careful about lists, and bulletin boards, and use net groups. They can be like chat rooms in slow motion.

I've been on and off several email lists. I have noticed similarities in all of them. Despite their similarities, each list has a life of it's own, which ebbs and flows like any other kind of created energy. There are definately "feels" to lists. They have moods as well.

There are group dynamics that take place on lists. Especially the longer a group of people have been on the same list, together. Relationships begin to form. People get on each other's nerves. People explode with humor, people blow their stacks. I've done both, and been in between others. It's part of life on a list.

Lists can be addictive. Especially when the list is hot. When topics are being discussed with no flaming (insults, personal attacks, namecalling, cussin'), and there are active participants sharing views and facts, a list can be great. I've had times on lists when I'll check my mail several times a day to keep up with the next post.

Lists get cranky sometimes, as well. Lurkers whine about topicality. Somebody calls someone an idiot. Someone's religious beliefs are lauded or profaned. Anybody that's been on a list any length of time knows the scenarios.

The things I've watched kill lists, are things to watch out for. Tolerance of flaming, namecalling, insults, and verbal abuse on a list, is not tolerated by this Cyber Goddess. If I see that a list allows that, I'm outta there. Who need's the negative energy? Not me. In earlier times, I have tried to reason with such spouticators and it never works. The best defense is ignorance. Use the delete key!! Unsubscribe.

When list owners draw a few lines in the sand, a list can be a creative, supportive, positive place to be. Those road kill jerk types I mentioned earlier, can get in a nice running list and really mess it up. Then there's the ones, that all of a sudden one day, burst onto the list with some huge, rank, explosion of obscenities. Done purely for attention. And boy, do they get it!

Good lists seem to work like day care. If one plays nice, one gets to stay with the other kids. If not, time out. If time out doesn't're outta here. Humans need mutually agreed upon rules, to co-exist in peace. So do lists.

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