Aerosol Activity Over Houston, TX

December 1, 2002

This is a combination of a 35mm camera, a 35mm disposable, and my Olympus Digital.
They were busy ALL day long. Reports came in from North and SW Houston.
These pics were taken in SW Houston.

This is an extremely image intensive page.

Coming inside Loop 610 on 59 North at 7:15 am.

Not bad for holding the camera out the car window...hehe.

At Kirby @ 59
He's headed due South.

The smear starts to cover the sky.

7:30 am looking East
He's stll heading South

This is how the skies were looking to the south at about 7:30 am.

The smear builds.
It's now about 8:15 am 8 miles West of the first photo location.
Looking to the North West.

Here comes another one from the West.

This was taken looking North at about 8:15 am.
One fresh trail filling in, going from West to East, across the entire, already very messy, sky.

It's starting to spread and join the rest of the accumulating smear. by now it's about 10:30 am and we're about 4 miles West of the last set of pics.. Looking North here.

This was taken looking North (from about 4 miles East of where the first panoramic above was taken) at about 10:30 am.
Two trails going from West to East, across the entire sky. The newer of the two is light in this picture.

At about 11:45, I went back out and shot this ring around the sun looking to the South.

Took another shot just to be sure.

We're now back to the West a few miles and they are still at it.

There he goes, low and to the East.

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