May I borrow your denial?

May I borrow your denial, just for a while?
I really could use it to stop all the fear.

Or maybe, just show me how you do it so easily.
Turn off the feelings, make them disappear.

May I borrow your denial? It seems to work wonders.
I'd hide all the pain that I feel everywhere.

If you could just teach me, I'd be a good student.
I've got lots to work with, no problem there.

I can't seem to catch on, it all overwhelms me.
So many emotions my soul cannot bear.

If you could just lend me enough for protection,
then I could deny that you don't seem to care.

This poem was published in
The National Library of Poetry's,
"Shadows and Light", 1996.

It received an "Editors Choice Award".
blah, blah, blah 1996
Lo the Seektress