SW Houston, TX
February 17, 2002. Approx. 12:00 pm Central

Taken in SW Houston, inside Loop 610 with a 35mm camera.
There was dirt on the lens in a couple shots.

This is one of the most blatant displays of the "wave action"
on clouds after spraying I have ever seen.

I watched them take a perfectly blue sky and work on it for over 4 hours.
Then some real clouds came in. It then looked like someone had turned on a switch.

I read somewhere a while back that there was a way to determine frequency by the bumps in the waves.
If anyone knows about that, please email me at - lo_the_seektress@yahoo.com.

Check out this sky. This is the same light pictured in the next image.

Notice the "shadow" running with the trail.
This is a not uncommon observation.

Here comes another one adding to the already saturated sky.

This is not at all a "normal" curve for regular air traffic over this part of Houston to be making.

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