Aerosol Activity in Houston, TX

June 10, 2003

June, so far, has been very active in Houston, TX regarding aerosol operations.
We are still several inches behind in our rain.

Here are some pictures from June 1 when there was one of the most complete coverage of the sky, by day's end, that I have ever seen.

The next set is from yesterday, June 9, 2003 in the Heights to Spring Branch area.
Spraying observed in the morning.
Pictures taken about noon.

Then at 7:30 p.m. banks of aerosol particulate "clouds" could be seen moving around the sky. Notice the undulating wave patterns in the "cloud". And yes, that's a commercial plane heading into Hobby Airport. For some reason, about 2 months ago, the approach altitude of traffic into Hobby got even lower...again.

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