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Santa Fe NM

Findings with images of Carnicom's research into what is being found in samples from air in the areas of aerosol operations. The image at right is one of those presented.

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Dennis Kucinich,
and HR2977

The entire story of HR2977 and what you probably won't hear Dennis Kucinich talking about on the campaign trail.

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After 12hr incubation period.

Wal-Mart begins RFID testing

Torgellons: Controversial disease doctors refuse to treat
May 9, 2006 By Janice Williamson / KHOU

Halliburton: a hand in every pocket

Ralph Nader speaks in Houston

The Bush Landslide of 2004

Over 1 Million Reportedly Largest Women's Rights March Ever

Anti-EU Proteste: Warschau, Berlin, Dublin

E-voting system security, integrity under fire

Mercury Morass

European Computer War Games

For my friend in Iraq

Amy Goodman - Democracy Now!
in Houston May 2, 2004 - Pictures

Wal-Mart Takes First Shipments Of RFID -Tagged Products

"Cases and pallets of merchandise with the product-tracking tags arrived at seven of the retailer's stores in the Dallas area."

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Rep. Ron Paul -
Free Market Medicine

While many in Congress are happy to criticize HMOs today, the public never hears how the present system was imposed upon the American people by federal law. In fact, one very prominent Senator now attacking HMOs is on record in the 1970s lauding them. As usual, government intervention in the private market failed to deliver the promised benefits and caused unintended consequences, but Congress never blames itself for the problems created by bad laws. Instead, we are told more government- in the form of “universal coverage”- is the answer.

We can hardly expect more government to cure our current health care woes. As with all goods and services, medical care is best delivered by the free market, with competition and financial incentives keeping costs down. When patients spend their own money for health care, they have a direct incentive to negotiate lower costs with their doctor. When government controls health care, all cost incentives are lost.

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UK: BSE may cause two types of CJD

BSE may be responsible for two types of the fatal brain disease CJD, rather than one as was previously thought.

This was the conclusion of researchers at University College London who carried out experiments on mice to investigate links between BSE and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Previously, eating BSE-infected beef was thought to cause variant CJD, now also known as human BSE. It is now thought, however, that BSE may also be responsible for sporadic CJD, a different strain of the incurable disease.

In Britain so far, 117 people are known to have died from variant CJD. Deaths caused by sporadic CJD that were reported in Britain in the 1990s peaked at around 60 per year between 1997 and 1999, far more than the 28 cases of variant CJD in 2000, its peak year so far, reported the Guardian.

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Amy Goodman
in Houston, TX
Air America Radio

Do As I Say...
Not As I Do.....

What we teach our children vs. what this war teaches them

What We Teach Our Children:

Solve conflicts with diplomacy. Talk problems out and come to a resolution or compromise.

If you can't talk problems out with opposition by yourself, have a person in authority help mediate.

If talking things out isn't going well, separate, then regroup after things are further thought out.

Don't take others' things forcefully or without asking.

Friends are important.

Think about your own actions and how you may be able to do things differently to keep peace.



Ann Curtis





What This War Teaches:

Assume diplomacy won't work and prepare to fight. Threaten and kill your opposition!

If the Mediator (UN, NATO) doesn't completely take your side, question, ignore and/or dismiss the authority of the mediator.

If diplomacy isn't going smoothly at first, invade the opposition's territory and threaten to attack.

Conquer to get what you want (Oil; territory) then deny or rationalize why you did it.

We don't need friends (allies)!

Because the enemy is so bad, there is nothing we have to change about ourselves.









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