Chemtrails, May 14, 2002
SW Houston, TX

Taken with a Olympus D-600L digital camera.
At approximately 11 am, the clear sky overhead was rapidly broken
by an assault of lines of chemtrails in all directions.
Spreading out quickly, and wide across the sky.

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None of the trails were following the flight patterns
made by the normal air traffic, seen overhead daily.

The assault continued, the trails flattening out, dripping and spreading across the sky.
Even the large blatant wide, spreading lines drawing little or no attention from the people below.

By 3:00, the sky was filled with patches of the stuff, and light smear all around.
Then, as if a switch was thrown somewhere, ripples began appearing in the "clouds" overhead.
Soon the washboard effect was noticable in every direction.

We are still about 6 inches behind in our rainfall.
The 90's of last week were relieved by a cold front that came through Sunday night,
minus the normal showers that nomally accompany such an arrival.
Spraying observed both Sunday, and yesterday probably had something to do with that.

What went on over my home today, was not "normal." Not at all.
And it worries me a great deal.

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