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WHY are these people visiting my website?
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Houstonians! ALERT!

Click HERE to get the phone numbers
to call about the current chemtrail spraying.

Look out fellow seekers,
and you seeker watchers out there too!
We've hit a Mother Load!

Run, do not walk, go read ...

The TRUE Report On Flying Saucers, 1967

We're talking Keyhoe, we're talking Ruppelt,
we're even talking Jacques Vallee!

Newest addition to the TRUE Report:

"Who Was That 6 - Inch - High
Animated Tin Can I Saw You With Last Night?"

by John Keel

Are they trying to keep us stupid?

Click here to get
"The facts Ma'am, just the facts."

You may have seen this picture before
or not.
This is a photo of the 1952 sighting over...what is that dome there...
Oh! yes....that's Washington, D.C!

I'd bet you'd like to know the story behind that sighting wouldn't you?
How about hearing it from Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe?
Look below for a Blast from the Past.
Temperature inversions huh? They'll be a test after. ;-)

1952 December Issue of TRUE magazine.

This page contains excerpts from the
December 1952 issue of True (The Man's Magazine).
The article on page 25 is titled
"What radar tells about flying saucers."
by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe (Ret.)
Four pictures from the article are displayed.

Link 1

Link 2

Jan 1966 TRUE

Ever wonder why UFO's go?
So did Major Keyhoe.
So he wrote about it in the January 1966 issue of TRUE (The Man's Magazine)
Click on the cover above to go read:
I Know the Secret of the Flying Saucers's Anti-Gravity!!

Image and Link to Lo's Houston Chemtrails page.

Click on the image for more.

Here's information about the Chemtrail/Contrail issue.
Included are 8 images of Lo's June 1999 sighitng in Houston, TX.

And a Bonus!!

While documenting the contrails that day, Lo snagged a Skyfish!
Go here to see it for yourself.

This Just In!!!!

This one's from my friend, Chuck Shramek.
You know the guy that was accused of killing the Heaven's Gate Cult
with his high-quality backyard telescope???
Yep, you remember him. If you don't here's that story.
Anyway, he recently received some pics taken back then from high-quality BIG telescopes
that somehow "disappeared" very soon after they were originally put up on the net.

I hate when that happens.

Chuck Shramek's Home Page

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