Aerosols Over Houston, TX

October 24, 2003

After very little aerosol activity being observed over Houston the last few months, an unusual amount of activity occurred today. The unusual activity actually began yesterday, Thursday, Oct. 23rd. I noticed a plane making repeated large circles for over an hour. I was unable to continue observing it any further. The flight pattern was South, towards Ellington. The contrail seemed closer to a normal one than an aerosol trail, but the actions of the plane itself were curious, indeed.

Friday, Oct. 24, was a different matter. The following pictures were taken over a span of 6 hours, beginning at approximately 8 am and ending approximately 3:30 pm. They were taken with a 35mm camera. A couple of them had to be darkened to show the detail of the spray activity. As one will notice when observing the activity, as the aerosol application increases, the sky gets brighter.

It was a clear sky starting out. A near white-out as clouds from the approaching weather front began to move in. There was no rain from the system on Friday, however, it did rain Sat. the 25th, and Sunday the 26th.

One would think they'd have sprayed enough by now, but noooooo....there goes one across the horizon. There is also a hint of the undulating wave action through the clouds beginning to appear. Right there, on the lower left...above the chemtrail. I ran out of film, but watched more of the waves appear.
Did someone turn on a switch somewhere....a "bit" North of here, perhaps?

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