This is a rant. It is nothing but a rant, so stated.
It is purely opinion, and a pretty bristley one at that right about now.
Proceed at your own risk.
You know where your "Back" button is.

Lo's Rant

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick and tired of some of the treatment people like myself receive.

Now granted, I'm not an expert in anything that would get me tons of letters behind my name. I don't hold any position of power and authority (except over my 8 year old and even that's tenuous at times). I am a product of the American societal system with heavy early influence by the Roman Catholic church. I have become majorly disenchanted with both of those over the years. I work, hassle with bills, raising kids, and deal with day to day stuff like any other middle aged single mom.

I have a MENSA level IQ if that means anything to anybody. I consider myself pretty well read. I have had a bit of my poetry published. Although I wasn't able to go to college in my youth, I may soon start, and I have held a variety of responsible positions in my work life, and have used my experience to create my own business.

In short, I'm not stupid. No brag, just fact.

The problem is, there are times when I bring up subjects like UFO's or Chemtrails or Constitutional Concerns, I suddenly become a kook. And it suddenly becomes acceptable to be ridiculed as being crazy.

Now why is that?????

How can it be that I can be responsible for the management of the business office of a concern grossing over 3 million in sales a year, yet I'm not responsible enough to be able to research and discern information accurately?

If I am able to make decisions, of any kind, with little or great consequences, based on facts learned, and do it competantly, why does the level of competance in my decision making capabilities lessen because I have decided that yes, some of these things are real and worthy of attention and investigation?

Why is it that it's perfectly acceptable, even laudible, if I stand up for rape victims, yet if I speak out for help for traumatized abductees, or people suffering from Morgellons, I'm a nut?

Or if I get concerned because I know from my investigating that something is not right about the anomolous contrails covering my city on a regular basis, I'm told I'm being ridiculous.

Well pardon me, BUT THIS PISSES ME OFF!!! And I'm tired of seeing it happen, feeling it happen, over and over and over and knowing it's happening to so many others whose only desire is to live in truth!

And the funny thing is, I didn't really start out with an interest in UFOs at all. I started out trying to find a more personal, real God. Go figure....ya go looking for God and you wind up wondering about UFOs. Please don't misunderstand this statement to imply that I think UFOs are in any way shape or form, divine, I DO NOT.

I have been very fortunate to have Jeff Rense feature the web pages I have been doing from older magazine articles about UFOs. Because of the popularity and integrity of his program, I have had thousands of people visit my pages. (That in itself is a gift to all of you and I am very grateful to Jeff for that, and you should be as well.)

What has totally blown my mind is who some of these visitors are and have been. It is a pretty impressive list. I have been accused of "making this up". As any of you know who use decent hit trackers, these are all easily documented hits. How the hell could I make up the IP address of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and get it right?? THAT psychic, I'm not.

So I guess the point of my rant is.....

It's time to stop the ridicule. It's time to stop the character assasination. It's time to stop the infighting. It's time to stand up and be in the truth.

Those of us pushing, prodding and struggling, often at great personal cost, to live in truth deserve as much respect and consideration as any other competant individual.

We are after all, you! Don't you get that?!?!?!?!?!?

I have no more patience for scoffers that haven't done the work. I may have strange and curious opinions, but I worked damn hard for a very long time to get them. What have the ridiculers done to form theirs, listen to FOX News?!?!??

And why the hell would I choose to hold to views that drag such crap along with them if I didn't think they weren't valid? I'm not a masochist.

All I know is that in my opinion the whole planet and every "useless eater" (Henry Kissinger's term) on it, is getting screwed on a daily basis and has been for centuries, and we're doing it mostly to ourselves because we don't take personal responsibility for our own lives.

We surrendered our power long ago and we're paying for it now, big time.

We have bucked the system of Love and Light which God/Goddess/All That Is/HP - WHAT/WHOEVER has set in place. When a system doesn't run as it should, it breaks down.. Duh!

Well the way I look at it is this.

You read what I've read, you listen to what I've heard, talk to the people I've talked to and THEN we'll compare notes.

Until you do the work for yourself,
don't accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about!

If you think I'm off base about something, show me where. I have no problem learning something different. But don't attack my character because you think I'm wrong.

OK, I think that'll do it for now, I feel better, how about you?
Please feel free to respond by email if you so choose, but I'm not into flame wars.

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