My poor sad heart is so confused, it knows not where to turn.
To ways it learned that are so "right" or those to which I yearn.

So heavy laden now poor heart, its sadness overwhelms.
As lost at sea it wanders, no captain at the helm.

So many ways it has been pulled and fooled and shamed and hurt.
To learn that "love" may not be that, so always be alert!

And after years of keeping watch, a beacon crossed the waves.
It was so bright and promised hope, it made my heart quite brave.

Such welcome harbor from the storm, but from the wrong direction.
The light shown forth, pierced through the mist, somehow to make connection.

My weary heart, so tired and spent, looked to the beam so strong.
Then turned toward its warm, sure light. How could this berth be wrong?

So closer to the light my heart, though scared, began to go.
And then more of the truth of love my heart began to know.

Oh, for a while, it knew such joy as never thought could be.
Then sure enough, the wind did change, and sent my heart to sea.

And as the winds took hold again, the waves began to beat.
They took my heart so far away from that warm light so sweet.

So now amid the winds so strong, my heart sets out again.
And struggles so to find safe port amid the storms of pain.

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blah, blah, blah 1996
Lo the seektress