Lo the Seektress

cosmic woman

Who is this person?

I am Soul, Woman, Mother, Friend, Seeker, Student, Teacher, Human. I have spent this incarnation in search of Love and Truth. This has't been an easy task. Love, has often been found to be something else, and Truth, in the eye of the beholder. Over the years, I've managed to discern some of each, but the search for both is never-ending. This small spot in cyberspace is where I tell of things I have found to be of Love and Truth, and things of which I am still not sure.
You are invited to join me.

It is hard to list all that is out there to find. Spirituality & Philosophy, Art, Music, Humor, Literature, the Paranormal and the Unexplained, are just a few of the things to explore in our magnificent experience here. But it's a great start, and so we begin..."

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