Chemtrails and Waves over Surfside, TX, south of Houston

Taken after the Texas Gulf Coast "Adopt A Beach" Clean Up on Sept. 15, 2001

Taken with a 35mm camera.

Approx noon to 1:30.

The following is a series of images taken of a single chemtrail
as it spreads out to form the fake cirrus type formation.

I would appreciate anyone who says this is a normal jet contrail
to explain why this did not disburse like a normal contrail does.

If this is jet exhaust and water vapor, what is that stuff that seems to have different weights?
Some of it blows and falls. All the normal contrails I have ever seen disappear uniformly a short distance back from the plane.

Below is another sky shot and some of the wave effects so often seen affecting an area of chemcrud.

Local Houston Chemtrail Activity Images

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