Chuck Shramek caught an image of chemtrails over
Rogers, Arkansas on an ABC News program tonight.
Although the story was not about chemtrails.
Click HERE to view.

What the heck is going on?

For over a year, people across the US
have been watching odd "contrails" forming in their skies.
These are NOT the regular contrails made by aircraft
which dissipate soon after they are created.
These stay in the sky for hours and spread out over large areas.

As more and more people report seeing these lines and patterns
spreading out over their homes, the question keeps being asked
"What are those and who is making them?

Guess what? Nobody can get any answers.

Simultaneously, our country's hospitals are overflowing with people
coming in with "flu-like-symptoms". But this "flu" doesn't seem to go away.
If this is "normal" contrail activity, why can't we identify these planes?
If it's "nothing to worry about" then why can't we find out what it IS?

The media is ignoring this.

Even after being contacted and informed numerous times,
we still don't get any information about this mystery.
Meanwhile, we keep getting sicker, and our skies fill with oily,
noxious lines which spread out and fall on us all.


If you want to find out more about this issue and help us figure it out,
please check out the following links to pages
where others of the same concerns are gathering.

With enough of us working together we WILL get to the bottom of this.

UPDATE 1/20 12:00 pm

A problem developed with BOTH Yahoo Chemtrail Clubs this morning at about 8:30 am.

Yahoo Clubs now back in business. Post away!!

Earlier this morning I was able to post to both.
I am a co-founder of the Chem Trails USA club
and have accessibility other members don't have and even I can't get in.
I have contacted Yahoo but as of yet have not received a response.
Thanks to one of our Houston members, Frank, who is founder of the Houston Yahoo club
we have a temporary place to post untill the issue is resolved.
We are still able to read the messages previously posted, so you are welcome to do that.
As soon as the problem is identified and/or repaired I will post another update.
Here's the fix site:

Chemtrail Discussion

UPDATE 12:30 pm Channel 2 just called me.

I'll give them credit, they're the only ones who have

Typical, "it's airplanes leaving vapor trails"
and "it's a NASA plane" (so who are the others???) ignorance.
Apparently we are imagining things.
Please feel free to call Channel 2 and share your "fantasy".
And ask them to read this article.

Poisons In The Sky

At least SOME media is taking this seriously.

Chem Trail Tracking USA

This Yahoo Chat Club was formed to have a forum
where this can be studied and hopefully resolved.
Our members submit their sighting reports and photographs
to maintain a data base of activity in our skies.
They share their stories of the activity in their area,
and what they are doing to get some answers.
There is also discussion of the phenomena so we can figure it out.
Our membership is growing at leaps and bounds.
People all over America are tired of being sick and not getting answers!!!


Due to the incredible accumulation of interested Houston citizens
in the Yahoo Chem Trails Club, a new Yahoo Club has been formed
just for Houston Trailwatchers.
(Gee, do you think we can get our own "trail" ride float in the Rodeo parade?)
Please join us in our grass roots effort to find out
WHAT the hell they are dumping on Houston and the rest of America,
WHY, and WHO is doing it.

We need your help!!

Houston Sky Watch Yahoo Chat Club

Houston Contact Numbers

For more information about chemtrails
please go to my page which has links to articles and photographs.
Lo's Chemtrail Page

It's time to step up Americans!
No one is going to do it for you!
Certainly not those who are dumping the stuff on you.