Song Hits Magazine
June 1956

Based on the world-famous novel by James M. Cain, "Serenade" is a love story, with a tragic, suspenseful triangle interwoven into the most magnificent of vocal and instrumental music, classic as well as special new numbers.

Mario Lanza portrays a great operatic tenor of humble origin, who, tortured by the infidelity of a shallow woman, falls to derelict status, but makes a thrilling comeback when he finds true love with a sincere and loyal girl who places his success above all.

Mario has 16 songs, totalling more than an hour of singing, and there is a different setting for virtually each number.

The theme piece, "Serenade," and "My Destiny" are new. They are from Nicholas Brodszky (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics), the same pair that created "Be My Love," which Lanza's incomparable voice made one of the all-time greats in popular favor.

Hollywood's all "agog" about the hot new musical flicker dubbed "Serenade." Of course, you'll know why they feel so when you hear that the cast for this Warner Bros. extravaganza includes Mario Lanza, Olivia DeHavilland and the fiery Latin newcomer, luscious Sarita Montiel. This is Mario's first flick after a layoff from the picture making biz of several years. The movie industry missed him badly, too, for Mario always was (and is today) a tremendous personality - not only in movies, but also on records and the stage. You'll love "Serenade!"

Mario Lanza - Voice of the Century