Spheres of Influence

from The TRUE Report on Flying Saucers, 1967
Page 25

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Saucers - real or unreal - don't just fly over obscure villages and farms.
They have been known to soar past many of our most influential landmarks too.

Bright, cigar-shaped object over New York City skyline
was submitted to U.S. Air Force as UFO by Irving Underhill,
who took photo March 20, 1950.

Project Blue Book - USAF photo.

Surveyor Milton B. took photo (left) of disc passing by Empire State Building.
Michael Mann Photo

Same surveyor captured United Nations in background
as disc headed out over East River.

Michael Mann Photo

Double discs are seen passing over Eiffel Tower
at 3:45 a.m. in 1953 photo by M. Paulin.

Michael Mann Photo

The TRUE Report on Flying Saucers

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