Wave Lines and Sun Halo in Houston

These pictures were taken on Wed., Jan. 31, 2001,
in SW Houston, TX, at about 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.
They were captured using an Olympus D-600L digital camera.
Please be patient, many images ahead.

I walked outside my home to do a sky check.
I saw a chemtrail remnant in the cloudy skies to the Northeast.
I photographed that direction, see below:

Then I turned to the South and saw the sun!
I was amazed to see an extremely large halo like effect around the sun.
I had seen the halo effect last year, but it was much smaller, and tighter around the corona.
Today, there was no comparison. This one was easily 2 or 3 times bigger
than what I have observed in the past.
Does this confirm that there is more particulate matter of
a reflective nature in the sky than there was before?
I think that's a very strong possibility.

I used a wood splinter
to block out the corona in these pictures.

The following shots were taken approxiamtely one hour later, at about noon.
I used the corner of a roof overhang to block out the corona as much as possible.
As earlier, the huge halo was easily visible with the naked eye.
When holding my hand out at arm's length, thumb up, the halo easily engulfed my entire hand.

There's something in our air, folks.
It's about time we found out what it is.

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