1st Annual Morgellons Disease Medical Research Conference

March 29, 2008 - Austin, Texas

Ginger Savely, Randy S. Wymore, Harriet Bishop, Raphael B. Stricker,
Cindy Casey, Gregory V. Smith, Mark Darrah, David Gibbs

Presented by the Charles E. Holman Foundation - www.thenmo.org

The New Morgellons Order

On a new Spring Saturday in Austin, Texas, over 100 people, from 22 states and 3 countries,
gathered at Westoak Woods Baptist Church to discuss, as a concerned
community, the mysterious affliction known as Morgellons.
There were NO known representatives in attendance from
the Center for Disease Control
OR their task force agency: Kaiser Permanente

One would think that with 75-80% of the people there experiencing Morgellons symptoms,
and a group of credentialed, experienced, independent researchers present; the aforementioned
organizations would be grateful for the opportunity to gather pertinent information from those
who have spent years on the topic...if only to rule out what has been found that Morgellons is not.
IF nothing else, spend a little of that less than $400,000 budgeted to the task force to actually
meet and maybe even examine a couple patients and possibly reassure them that
their government is indeed interested in helping them identify the cause of their suffering
and get them some help.
One would think....

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For many experiencers and health professionals, this conference was the first opportunity to
meet a number of people afflicted with this disease; to gain information and resources of support and hope.

Introduction and Welcome
Cindy Casey, RN Director, NMO/CEHF


Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D, Tulsa, OK
Research Director, Center for Investigation of Morgellons,
Oklahoma State University - Center for Health Sciences
"Research Update"

Raphael B. Stricker, MD - San Francisco, CA
Board of Directors ILADS, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society,
Board of Directors CLDA, California Lyme Disease Association
"Controversies in Newly Emerging Disease"

Elizabeth Rasmussen, Ph. D. - Laramie, WY
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Author of "Debunking DOP
"Dermatology...How it is Taught and How it is Practiced"
Electronic presentation

Harriet Bishop, President, Texas Lyme Disease Association
Morgellons Patient
"Staying Positive to Cope with Morgellons"

Ginger Savely, FNP-C - San Francisco, CA
Pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a thesis on Morgellons,
Ms Savely has seen over 200 Morgellons patients.
"Clinical Aspects of Morgellons"

Mark Darrah, BS - Stony Brook, NY
Morgellons Research Director Stony Brook University
"Morgellons Research Presentation of Scanning Electron Microscopy and Fiber/Subtance Analysis"

Gregory V. Smith, MD, FAAP - Gainsville, GA
Pediatrician in private practice for 28 years. Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics, Member GA Chapter of AAP including serving
6 year term on the GA Chapter Board of Directors.
Morgellons Patient
"Morgellons: More than a Skin Disease"

David Gibbs, MS, CDRP - Austin, TX
Social Security Specialist, Disability Claims Professionals of Texas
"Social Security Benefits as Related to Morgellons Disease"

At the end of the presentations, a question and answer panel discussion was held, moderated by Cindy Casey.

The morning session was ended with "Morgellons Music: A Tribute to Charles E. Holman"
Special Guest: Lee Mounger, Texas Musician

Morgellons and Lyme disease information was presented by various interested and active groups.
Funds, of course, are always needed for continued education and research into these devastating disorders.

Hopefully, when this group, and others who care, join together for the second annual event,
more progress will have been made.

This gathering was overall very positive
considering the obstacles the attendees and their families and care providers are facing.

This event was sponsored by The New Morgellons Order,
a non-profit organization with IRS 501 (c) (3) status.
In honor of it's founder, The NMO is also known as
The Charles E. Holman Foundation.

Above this line was MY report of the conference.
The following is this writer's personal comments and are in NO WAY
representative, or indicative, of any positions of The New Morgellons Order/The Charles E. Holman Foundation.
Except maybe the parts where Morgellons is hurting people, BADLY, and we NEED money to help study it.

SO... anybody considering giving money for badly needed research on this disease:
don't NOT do it because I have an opinion that some might consider "conspiracy theory" oriented, even though we don't know enough about it for me to FORM a good opinion, yet.
AND even though all a conspiracy is, is two or more people deciding to do something behind someone's back...
...like THAT never happens.

P. S. My thanks to the three guys below just doubled.

This reporter/attendee would like to give special thanks to two people
who remain determined and dedicated to the battle for acknowledgement and attention to Morgellons
and the people whose lives it has affected and support for those trying to care for them.

Cliff Mickelson and Lorie Kramer

The first is Cliff Mickelson who came all the way from Mazatlan, Mexico for the conference.
Cliff is a Morgellons patient of over 9 years who has worked very hard to
increase awareness of the disease and push for official recognition and accountabilty
to those who suffer from Morgellons and the families who are also affected by this disease.
His report of the conference can be heard here, on the website of the second person I would like to thank.

I would also like to thank Jeff Rense, who for years has given a voice
to the researchers and experiencers of this controversial issue.
Archives of Morgellons programs on the Rense program can be found here.
An incredible data page of Morgellons articles and links can be found on the Rense site here.

Even though he wasn't present at this conference,
I'll take this opportunity to thank

Clifford Carnicom

for his years of work, as well.
You can see his most recent video here -

"Morgellons" - Introductory Remarks

May all interested in this serious subject work together and support one another in finding answers.
May this conference be one of many ongoing gatherings to find answers to the many questions this mystery brings.

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