Interesting Morgellons Conference Page Visitors

April 8, 2008

48 hours ago, I uploaded a report of my attendance at the
1st Annual Morgellons Disease Medical Research Conference to my website.
The page has had approximately 3500 hits in that 48 hours.

It never ceases to amaze me who shows up visiting the pages when I do something
related to Morgellons or Chemtrails or some other "conspiracy" related topic.
The visitors to this page have been no exception.
I don't make up these hits, they are all documented.
I thought I would share a few of the more interesting hits with you.
I don't ID all the hits the page gets, this is just a sampling of the 3500 that have stopped by so far,
I know there will be others just as interesting.
You can decide for yourself why they are looking at the page.
My hope is that they decide to DO SOMETHING about this issue,
but that is probably not very realistic considering
how Morgellons sufferers and their care providers have been treated thusfar.

I have been saying it since 1996...if these topics are NOT REAL,
WHY are these people coming to my website? Let's take a look...

World Health Organization

I am SO glad you are checking into this, because you are going to be hearing a LOT more about it.
I'm sure any one on the panel will be more than thrilled to talk to you.
That is if you want to live up to your name.

Mayo Foundation

Another GOOD! Do you think you can look into this more than what I saw on your website?
Other than the reference back to the CDC, I mean.
I think you might have some of the resources that could help.
How many Morgellons patients have actually been seen at the Mayo Clinic? Just curious.

State of California Health and Welfare Agency

That's another good!

Speaking of resources about these hallowed halls of study, think they have any?

Stanford University

Harvard University

University of Cambridge

Have you met Randy Wymore yet? I think he can show you there is something worth study here...
you could collaborate, what a concept!


Your site says that you are into "recombinant DNA and molecular biology "
WOW! that's what I'm talking about!!! How about funding some research?

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

We can guess why you're here.


You too.

OK, so here comes the defense connections...what can I say?

Lockheed Martin

DOD - Maryland, Ft. George G Meade

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Defence Research Establishment-Ottawa

Defense Telematic Organisation - NL

And last, but certainly not good buddies at


HI GUYS! (Waving happily)

Those nice Boeing guys... they come here so much I made them their own top secret


years ago to be hospitable.

And then there's....

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

United Technologies Research Center

Research...just what we you do research on nanomachines?

THE USDA came more than once from more than one location.

USDA - Office of the Chief Information Officer

USDA Office Of Operations

OK, so here's NASA, but then they come to my site frequently, anyway...but not about Morgellons.

National Aeronautics And Space Administration Office of the Chief Information Officer

NASA Marshall Space Flight Ctr

Nylcare Corp - (Aetna)

Ah insurance company...figures.

Oklahoma Office Of State Finance

Good! How about shooting Dr. Wymore some funding to protect the future of your state's residents?

Saudi Arabian Oil Company

You're everywhere.

National Park Service

Can you say ticks? Is that all there is?

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Another frequent visitor on controversial pages.

EG&G Technical Services

Hmmm...I am very curious as to why you are here.

All I can say to these last two, and those of their ilk...COVER MORGELLONS! DO YOUR JOB!



Well, that's it for now.
Naw, this stuff isn't's "all in their heads."

As I heard a Morgellons patient say at the conference,
"Even if I was crazy, which I'm not, crazy people get sick too!"

Archives of Morgellons programs on the Rense program can be found here.
An incredible data page of Morgellons articles and links can be found on the Rense site here.

Lorie Kramer -